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Hello! I’m Liz.

Fort Collins Mediator

Hello! I’m Liz, a mother, musician, mediator, and divorce coach. I have a specialization in High Conflict and Narcissistic relationships. I lecture regularly on high conflict divorce strategies, and am a sought-after speaker and podcast guest.

As a passionate advocate for community engagement and support, I engage in regular pro bono work for families who are experiencing financial hardship and offer pro bono services through various nonprofits and the Colorado Court system. My understanding of psychological and physiological reactions to trauma, conflict, and anxiety brings a holistic approach to my work with families caught in the High Conflict cycle.

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After my own litigious high-conflict divorce, I saw the need for a holistic approach to divorce mediation, which included non-violent communication skills, managing trauma, and an understanding of how personality traits and personality disorders create high conflict in a divorce. When I started working as a mediator for the courts, I discovered how badly equipped most divorce professionals are to manage the specific needs of people in high conflict relationships and how damaging it can be to the individuals and, most importantly, the children and family systems. Now I help hundreds of people in crisis find workable solutions so they can reduce anxiety, save money, and move on with their lives.

I am available to conduct virtual mediations and other ADR proceedings on Zoom and other online platforms. I’m available for speaking engagements and individual, online support, and divorce coaching. You can find me on OSM Facebook, OSM Instagram, and LinkedIn.

My Approach & Values

As a mediator, I bring compassion, intelligence, and humor to my work. I am unbiased, help couples see the “big picture,” and guide them through the divorce process from beginning to end. I believe in the importance of maintaining or even strengthening relationships throughout the divorce process. I know that even though marriages end, relationships generally don’t, especially when there are children involved. I also recognize the emotional strain that conflict can bring to families, coworkers, and neighbors. Let’s face it: conflict sucks. But that doesn’t mean empowering solutions aren’t waiting for you at the other end of it. I’ll help you get there with minimum drama and maximum communication.
My approach has been partially informed by my background in nonprofits, as well as my own personal experiences. No, I’m not an attorney, but I am a natural divorce mediator. I speak human. I can help you see the big picture and help both parties move through the process humanely.
Look, a good divorce mediation is more likely to strengthen rather than damage relationships, and that really is my ultimate goal: to make the community a more peaceful place.
Open Space Mediation serves Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and beyond.

My Experience

My Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree: UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Master’s Degree: San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Basic and Family Law Mediation Certificates, Genesis Mediation
  • Advanced Mediation Certificate, Colorado Bar Association

I Work With Individuals, Couples, &
Support Groups

Colorado Divorce Forms

Many people are overwhelmed by all of the forms involved in a divorce process. In Colorado, divorces begin with filing of a petition and a Case Information Sheet. All divorces end with the Court’s signing a decree, and if needed, a support order. In between, there are many other forms you may need to complete. Talk to me to learn more!

Divorce Mediation

The average cost of litigating a divorce is about $15,000. Mediation is more affordable, quicker, and less stressful.

Divorce Coaching

As a collaboratively trained mediator with a specialization in high conflict divorces, Liz helps couples and individuals communicate better, manage conflict, navigate strong emotions, and manage expectations. She also helps you learn how to negotiate, how to support your children, how to prepare for life post-divorce, and fill in the gaps that an attorney cannot support you with.

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