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You and your clients deserve an understanding, conscientious mediator who won’t take sides and believes in win-win outcomes.

Hire a Mediator, not a Messenger

I offer a constructive, future oriented process with viable solutions that stick. On Zoom or in person, I am efficient in deal making and time-management and work well with clients and attorneys.

A referral to Open Space allows your clients to get unstuck, get closure, deescalate, and get on with their lives.

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Hi there! I’m Liz.

Coloardo Divorce Mediator

Divorce tends to rob people of far more sleep, financial wealth, and happiness than it should. Too many people take this for granted.

As a divorce mediator in Fort Collins, I bring compassion, intelligence, and humor to my work. I am unbiased, help couples see the “big picture,” and guide them through the divorce process from beginning to end. I believe in the importance of maintaining or even strengthening relationships throughout the divorce process. I know that even though marriages end, relationships generally don’t, especially when there are children involved. I also recognize the emotional strain that conflict can bring to families, coworkers, and neighbors.

I'm offering a reduced rate for new referral partners.

Talk to me. I’m nice! Call 970-818-2209 or email me at liz@openspacemediation.com

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