Nurturing Relationships with Divorce Mediation through Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern

Dec 18, 2023 | Mediation

Never underestimate the power of influence. Our lives revolve around two significant circles that control every aspect of our lives. The circle of influence and the circle of concern. By mastering both circles, we can fix any issue by knowing our limits to act according to the situation. Be it a love relationship, divorce mediation, or having a narcissistic partner, anything could be easy, but how? 

The article discusses the power of both circles, especially in love relationships and divorce mediation, to experience a peaceful resolution.

Highlighting The Importance Of Circle Of Influence

The Circle of Influence, a concept by Stephen Covey, discusses the things within our control. Circle of influence helps us foster personal growth and positive and mindful practices to live a fulfilling life. Whether it's a love relationship or a divorce mediation process, partners can make peaceful decisions. 

Focusing on personal growth through the circle of influence motivates partners to identify and resolve issues clearly, especially during the divorce mediation. From fixing limitations to pursuing help, a circle of influence is the best method to handle emotions and decisions, making our lives healthier.

Highlighting The Importance Of Circle Of Concern

There are some things that we can't control, such as governmental policies, weather, hurricanes, rainfalls and all the past and future. In relationships, partners try to control everything, which mostly leads to breakups, separations, anxiety and depression. 

The circle of concern talks about things we care about but have limited authority to control, such as our partner's thoughts, actions, feelings, reactions, choices, emotions, and beliefs. In divorce mediation, the circle of concern directs us to discuss issues and concerns that we can easily control. It helps partners to have a sense of empowerment and effectiveness during a mediation process. It can help partners foster a healthy relationship that can help them reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns.

Save Your Tears In Divorce Mediation Through The Circle Of Influence

People witness a narcissist as the most daunting, but with the power of your dominant positive influence, the reality seems different. Suppose you're in a relationship with a narcissist, and it's making you mentally sick. In that case, you can control things by mindful practices to protect your mental and physical health through the power of influence. These practices bring joy, motivation, and peacefulness. 

Here's how partners can apply these practices when dealing with narcissistic behavior:

  • Believe in Limitations

To save themselves from the moment of divorce mediation, partners can set boundaries daily to save their tears without doubt. As they have a positive mindset through their circle of influence, partners can have a bold and open approach by discussing their narcissistic partner to stop throwing negativity at them. Be it mental or emotional sickness, the circle of influence encourages people to display their boundaries to nurture personal growth that leads them toward a peaceful life.

  • Act With Your Positive Mindset 

It is necessary to embrace the power of being positive during the divorce mediation, helping partners reduce negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety. Continually nurturing the circle of influence can protect partners from negative behaviors. People with a strong circle of influence never let their partners affect their positive energies and try to choose what makes them peaceful.

  • Calmness Is The Power

Your positive circle of influence can defend you from the provoking reaction of a narcissist in a relationship. The power of your influence never lets your narcissistic partner control your emotions. It fuels your emotions to act according to your own perspectives, not others.

  • Assertive Communication

Circle of influence allows partners to practice assertive communication. When we start influencing people, it shows in our actions and words. Be it addressing issues in a relationship or divorce mediation, the circle of influence helps individuals express their actual feelings and ideas to the narcissist, which leads to maintaining a calm and respectable tone, preventing them from the bad behaviors of narcissists.

Consider Yourself First Through The Power Of Concern In Mediation When Dealing With a Narcissist

When we realize the power of control, we can deal with divorce mediation efficiently. The circle of concerns empowers partners to control their negativity, whether life hurdles, worst relationship anxieties, or the mediation process. It allows partners to utilize their energies on things that are in control. Let’s know how the circle of concern can help partners during divorce mediation.

  • Helps In Identifying The Realness

It’s essential to recognize what you can control during a divorce mediation. Elements such as behaviors, decision-making power, and reactions to specific events share our story. The circle of concern never lets individuals cross the boundaries that make them push toward the elements they can not control. It makes partners leave worries behind and stay strong and positive while accepting the realities. What you want is essential, and finding what is healthy for you is the key to feeling a moment of glee 24/7.

  • Bring Change In Partners

Change matters a lot but ensures that it undergoes positivity. When dealing with divorce mediation, the circle of concern never lets partners lose their energies and stops them from finding faults in their partners. The strong circle of concern and the power of control help partners sharply focus on beneficial actions and positive responses while having well-being in mind.

  • Embrace The Feel Of Liveliness

Value everything that makes you feel happy every moment. Your emotional well-being comes first, then the unrealistic desires of others. Circle of Concerns ensures that we start valuing joy and peace by indulging in activities that bring relaxation and fulfilment, driving the negative influences of a narcissist at bay.

  • No Response Is a Response 

Your actions speak louder than words, so always make them clear, positive, and self-centered during mediation. The circle of concern helps partners avoid controlling others' decisions by focusing on factors we can't control. This practice leads partners toward a peaceful resolution.

How Can We Enhance Our Circle Of Influence And Circle Of Concern?

Let’s quickly look at the robust information about enhancing both circles to be more productive, influential and easy to talk with. 

Tips to Enhance Circle Of Influence:

  • Make a list of your dreams and write down achievable goals regarding your life. 
  • Spend time learning new things and acquiring new skills that help you in your personal and financial growth. 
  • Read good books and meet positive people. It can enhance our skill development to leave a lasting and positive impression on others. 
  • Focus on your health, healing and healthy eating. Your healthy approach helps us to witness success and well-being.
  • Challenge yourself to focus on finding new opportunities.

Tips to Enhance Circle Of Concern:

  • Be kind to others, and it will help you recognize people's needs and the challenges they face in their lives. 
  • Try to be social and work with communities, events or volunteer work that focuses on helping humanity.
  • Start keeping a keen eye on global issues and events. This information will get you involved in conversations to bring awareness. 
  • Show that you care about people because a compassionate mindset allows people to take action, finding the difficulties and suffering of others.
  • Extend your professional networks to educate the lesson of diversity and inclusion in society. Try to talk with people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Always share whatever you have learned through the cycle of life to help others.

It’s Not The End Of Motivation, Hope And Confidence 

The circle of influence grows under the circle of influence. Try to enhance your circle of influence to feed your circle of concern positively. No matter how much stress, anxiety or emotional breakdowns you face in divorce mediation, these practices may encourage you to make bold decisions and live a meaningful and influential life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How can I improve my lifestyle using my Circle of Influence?

Identify areas within your control—such as diet, exercise, and daily routines. Establish achievable health goals, develop positive habits, and surround yourself with a supportive network.

Q2: What role does communication play in expanding my Circle of Influence for a healthier lifestyle?

Effective communication lets you convey your health goals, acquire support, and cooperate with people. Communicating your journey inspires and ultimately influences those around you.

Q3: How does adaptability contribute to a healthy lifestyle within my Circle of Influence?

Adaptability allows you to adjust your fitness routines, dietary preferences, and wellness plans based on circumstances. It guarantees your approach remains sustainable and satisfying.

Q4: Can I enhance my Circle of Concern for a healthier lifestyle?

Yes, by developing sympathy for health challenges others encounter. Engage in community health initiatives, convey knowledge, and support causes that encourage wellness.

Q5: How does staying informed contribute to my Circle of Concern for a healthier lifestyle?

Staying informed about issues globally expands your awareness and concern beyond and beyond. It promotes a sense of responsibility toward more all-around challenges.


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