Mediation For Married Couples

Therapeutic Separation

Open Space Mediation

Understanding Therapeutic Separation

When reconciliation isn’t working, the next step might be to consider an informal or ‘therapeutic’ separation, especially in cases where the couple is under tremendous tension and conflict, or when there is an issue of substance abuse.

A therapeutic separation is an intentional, planned, and pre-determined period of time when a couple chooses to live separately in order to accomplish certain goals.

Keep in mind that this type of separation is different from a legal separation.

Topics at a typical workshop will cover a wide range of issues, such as:

  • How to organize your finances
  • The difference between legal separation and divorce
  • Whether or not a therapeutic separation is right for you
  • How to set yourself up for a new mortgage
  • Co-parenting issues
  • Issues around self-care
  • Joint custody
  • Understanding key financial concepts during divorce
  • And so much more.


Maryann Ruck, Integrated Wealth Strategies

Suzannah Mattson, Nexa Mortgage

Jennifer Meyer, Jennifer Meyer Counseling


Sept. 12, 9am

Location: Online/Zoom

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