Divorce Resources

At Open Space Mediation, it is important to us that our clients are informed and educated about their options and about the process of mediation. To that end, we’re continually adding to this list of resources. Check back often for new links and information.

Free Virtual 30-Minute Consultation

Virtual mediation is a process by which parties can settle their disputes online without the need for in-person appearances. Schedule a free 30-minute online consultation to see if online mediation is a good path forward for you.

State forms and information

Family Law Software

This calculator is provided by the Colorado Judicial Department as a public service, and is designed for individuals who do not have lawyers to calculate their own child support and spousal maintenance amounts for their individual case.

Access to Justice/Larimer County Court Resource Center

Our mission is to develop, coordinate and implement programs and other tools to expand access to justice in civil matters for those who encounter barriers in accessing the local civil justice system.

State of Colorado Divorce and Family Law Forms

State Professional Organizations

Support Groups

OSM Website links:

Domestic Violence Resources

Larimer County Victims Rights and Resources

Domestic Violence Resources


Crossroads offers free safehousing, advocacy, legal assistance, transitional housing, and education.

Bringing Justice Home

The Bringing Justice Home Project provides civil legal representation for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Alternatives to Violence

Providing shelter, advocacy, education and resources for people impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.


Talking Parents

Helping co-parents communicate effectively. Avoid child custody disputes and minimize tension by having an unalterable record of past conversations.

Our Family Wizard

The OurFamilyWizard website, iOS and Android mobile apps help parents to manage child custody schedules and co-parenting information.

Co-Parenting Tips: Making Joint Custody Work


Organization informs, builds confidence and brings a sense of calm to the divorce process.  Organization is your key to a low-cost divorce.

High Conflict Institute

High Conflict Co-parenting

Pro/low bono legal services

Bridge to Justice

Colorado Legal Services

Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Colorado Bar Association

Larimer County Court Pro Bono resources

Or check your county court's "Court Resources Center" for a list of local pro bono attorneys


Local Divorce Professional Recommendations

At Open Space Mediation, we recognize the importance of having a team of professionals in your court. Below is a list of other divorce professionals that we like to work with and recommend. 

Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance:

Robert Crow: realtor

Suzannah Mattson: mortgage lender

Mark Barnett: mortgage lender

Michelle Merritt: mortgage lender

Julie Trunzo: realtor

Christy Libertore: Realtor

Jenny Novosad: Insurance

Tiffany Hughes: CDLP

Stan Bryant: CDLP

Family/divorce therapists:

Jennifer Meyer

Shalee Horstman

Jane Irvine

Specialty Counseling

Carolyn Spurway

Dr. Jill Manning


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