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Mar 19, 2024 | Mediation

Where does one find shelter when relationship conflicts take you on a rollercoaster of tensions and worries? When he comes late and doesn’t tell you about it, how will you handle this situation? When children are upset due to that DIVORCE DRAMA, and you are confused between LIVING or LEAVING, right? When her narcissistic behaviors don't match your soft personality, what is the easiest way to turn things towards your peace?? 

Well, this is life, and we all get into these kinds of situations. But remember, light is the end of every dark. With me, your relationships have HIGH HOPES, and messed-up reality has to be at BAY, no matter how hard the situation.

Finding Miracles To Solve This Complex Divorce Maze Without A Lawyer

It's not just about YOU and ME; even celebrities find guardian angels to take them away from the complex mazes of divorce without involving the entire world. Yes, THAT'S TRUE! Hiring a divorce lawyer means playing with your privacy and getting ready to face the fears that you have never thought about. It could be 'Harsh' questions in front of people in the courtroom or any desire that you want to be kept a secret. It does not end here; you also have to pay hefty lawyer fees and face bitter battles (you thought it was easy, but it was actually not.)

So you can shift the entire narrative by working with a divorce mediator; that’s ME. I am not a lawyer but a mediator who will help you save money, provide shelter for emotional tortures, and reduce anxiety while keeping your wishes confidential under one umbrella. In fact, I have ways to solve the problems you face during your divorce, and these solutions are all about PEOPLE and PEACE. 

Co-Parenting Is a Partnership for the Future 

Yes, with me, it is possible for parents to look after their children even after the divorce. You can have co-parenting through mediation. Parents are free to focus on the best 'Bright Sides' that don't affect their children through a life-changing co-parenting journey. Things you will learn through co-parenting are; 

  • Law Information
  • True Communication 
  • Child Interests Acts
  • Flexibility and Responsibilities
  • Dispute resolution techniques
  • Finance & Parenting Schedule 
  • Respect different parenting styles
  • Support one another

Mediation for Married Couples Through Reconciliation

Do you think your marriage is about to end? Just relax because you can step forward on the healing journey with couples' mediation. Whether it's about addressing deep-seated issues or exploring avenues to salvage your relationship, couples have a unique path to reconciliation through marital mediation. But how?

At Open Space Mediation, you will have a session of open dialogue and guided discussions. It helps couples rediscover the lost strengths of their relationship and easily mend the rifts equal to 'HEALING.' Couples can experience the power of forgiveness, understanding, and compromise through mediation that helps them stay together and happy in their married journey. The reconciliation builds a new sense of connection and commitment that gets couples back on their feet.

Finding Middle Ground In Legal Separation Via Mediation

Legal separations bring stress and anxiety, become challenging for the couples, and easily overshadow the logic and practical actions. Your legal separation doesn't have to look like a war zone with feelings of loss, stress, and uncertainty that make you believe in the grief for your marriage with a future YOU DON'T WANT.

Couples can be a part of OSM's meditation journey, where they can have a course through legal separation. It makes the process easy and less adversarial while aiding them in healing and promoting a smooth and more pleasant approach.

Divorce Mediation Insights

Road to Recovery Is Easier To Chase Here

Life has its ups and downs, and having grief and healing is a natural part of the divorce process.

Still, couples can have the healing process through OSM’s recovery services, which are available for all at any time. What you will learn;

  • The Importance Of Self-Care.
  • How To Set Boundaries Effectively.
  • Seek Support From Loved Ones.
  • Strategies And Practices For Growth.
  • Planning Of The Bright Future. 
  • Respectful Communication.
  • How To Accept The Situation.
  • Healing Through Seeking Therapy.

Did You Find The Art of DIY Divorce??

If your lawyer says you can not do it alone, please “NEVER TRUST HIM.” At OSM, you can experience a step-by-step guide to managing all your marriage issues on your own. You can access DIY Program with OSM, which guides you through practical tips to help couples quickly learn the challenging process of Divorce. By DIY process, couples can solve issues such as;

  • Division of property between the parties
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Child custody, support, and visitation (if applicable)
  • Various financial obligations of each party 

Mediation Can Handle Even ‘High Conflict Divorces’

Divorces in the US are rising and classified as "high conflict." The reasons differ, including personality disorders or personal challenges. These challenges revive throughout time and come up with various other issues such as;

  • Obsession with pointing fingers
  • Black-and-white thinking
  • Overwhelming feelings
  • Super intense behavior

Whether you are dealing with blaming or emotions that are harder to tolerate during your divorce period, you are safe and sound here. Here, couples can explore how to manage high-conflict divorces with a process complete with legal actions, healing blessings, and empowering decisions.

Motivated Musings With Open Space Mediation 

In a world full of billions of relationships, couples face several challenges in their married life. Still, hope always 'SHINES' in a world of mediation that is transformative and influential for all. Mediation comes with overwhelming benefits that have the power to find serene solutions for cases that seem IMPOSSIBLE at first.


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