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Reconciliation – Mediation For Married Couples

Reconciliation – Mediation For Married Couples

When is reconciliation an option?

Sometimes a single event can lead to the prompt and bitter breakup (like infidelity). Other times, couples just drift apart naturally and realize they may be better off separated.
Still more couples waver back and forth about whether divorce is right for them, for as many reasons as there are couples. Ideally, this decision would be clear-cut, but reality is much more ambiguous. Divorce is a big, life changing event, and it is an extremely scary leap to make.
It is common for couples to try to reconcile their differences and try to save the marriage. How do you know if this is the right thing to do? Certainly divorce should be considered a last option, but how can you tell if it’s worth trying to fix your relationship or if your marriage is past the point of saving?
Reconciliation can be a good place to start if both parties are interested in staying married. The first step is securing a good therapist (or therapists) to help navigate the emotional side of things.

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